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one-off marketing tactics, with unclear expectations

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Video Transcript

Hi I’m John Watson with Accrue Marketing.

When we say Random Acts of Marketing, what do we mean?

It means we see people spending money on random marketing activities with no connection to goals or how goals are achieved.

We see people getting caught up in looking good and letting their ego drive their marketing.
We see websites getting built because “we need a website”.
We see businesses jumping on social media because everyone else is.

If you have an annual marketing budget, it’s probably not an investment strategy. It’s likely a list of things to do and buy, without a clear sense of purpose.

Making the shift means focusing on goal achievement. You use marketing tactics as tools to achieve results. Instead of what amounts to “busy work” or wasteful distractions.

It’s up to you to reframe marketing as an investment in earnings growth.

If you’re ready to Make The Shift, please Contact Us.

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